Trump is Human Chaff

What is chaff, you ask? It is an aircraft countermeasure created in the WWII in which planes deployed clouds consisting of bits of aluminum or other materials to confuse radar and evade missiles. Basically, spray of bunch of shit in the air, bob and weave a bit, and hopefully it is enough to avoid detection.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump has said and done some troubling things in his short tenure thus far as President of the United States. As I said earlier in the week, his media message of lying and discrediting is blatantly clear. His greatest hits so far include but are not limited to:

  • Threatening the city of Chicago with martial law.
  • Strained a vital relationship with Australia by reportedly badgering and bragging to their Prime Minister.
  • Defended Vladimir Putin from BILL O’REILLY’S comment calling Putin a “killer” by saying, “There are a lot of killers. You think our country’s so innocent?”
  • Took to twitter for some ratings shots at Arnold Schwarzenegger for Celebrity Apprentice.
  • Reiterated Steve Bannon’s claim that the media is the opposition party.
  • Continues to propagate a debunked lie of massive voter fraud.
  • Questioned the legitimacy of another branch of government that does not agree with him.

So much to keep track of and be mad about, right? How can anyone possibly keep focused when our President has diarrhea coming out of his mouth, hands, and his wherever.

You can’t. It’s impossible.

It’s a pretty smart thing to do if you’re him though. Constantly flood the eager media with story after story so it all becomes white noise. Remember how RUSSIA MEDDLED IN OUR ELECTION SYSTEM? Seems like years ago in Trump time because so many other things have happened in the span of three weeks.

Do you know who else is benefiting from Trump’s overloading of the news cycle? Congress. Specifically the Republican Party, who let him hijack their primary and general election. Paul Ryan described Trump’s comment about a judge presiding over the Trump University case as the “textbook definition of a racist comment.” After the Access Hollywood video was leaked and Trump was overheard bragging about sexual assault, Jason Chaffetz un-endorsed Trump because he said he couldn’t look his own daughter in the eyes. Marco Rubio called him a “dangerous con man.” Ted Cruz called Trump a “pathological liar” and “utterly immoral.”

Try not to get distracted by Trump’s antics and miss the real substantive things happening in the government. Understand that he is the leader of the Republican Party and his actions are a representation of the party’s agenda at large because he has, so far, received unprecedented voting support from his party. They will continue to do so. At least until they begin to hear from their constituencies at home (like Chaffetz did); then maybe they’ll begin to provide some balance to the system.  

Now that he is president, the Republicans have by and large fallen in line behind him for their own benefit. Or maybe more correctly, they are all hiding behind their human chaff.

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