Trump works his magic…kinda

President Donald Trump held a press conference this morning to announce his replacement pick for Secretary of Labor. He did this in, like, two minutes. (It’s Alexander Acosta and he’s going to be tremendously great and greatly tremendous. Very, very fantastic.) He then went on to chastise the media for their “out of control” reporting of his administration.

He talked about a lot of things that apparently have been bothering him. He touched on most of the subjects in the recent news and made a number of false claims. We could spend a great deal of time dissecting the transcripts and annotating it where he  misrepresented facts but I think that was the point of this press conference (if you wanna call it that…it felt more like a therapy session). It was an attempt to distract and try to hit the reset button on his narrative thus far.


Oh wait. I did.

Don’t spend much time looking back on that insanity of a press conference. It won’t get you anywhere. Except he is a man that really needs to emphasize the size of his…electoral college victory. Which isn’t the biggest since Ronald Reagan, like he said. It’s actually the 46th  biggest out of 58 US Presidential elections. But who cares.  Keep focused.

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