President Internet Troll forced to back up his tweets.

So what in the heck did Trump do Saturday morning? Let me see if I can use my powers as a professional news summarizer:

*clears throat*

*cracks knuckles*

In a series of tweets that spanned a little more than a half hour, the President of the United States (ugh welcome to 2017) broke news by accusing former President Barack Obama of illegally wiretapping the Trump Towers in October.

Trump described it as McCarthyism and said it compared to Nixon/Watergate. Which is really funny because those comparisons have been brought up recently to describe Trump’s new Victims Of Immigrant Crime Engagement and the slow drip of leaks about his campaign’s dealings with Russia. That’s kind of his thing; he uses insults or arguments levied against him and tries to turn them back around. Like when Hillary Clinton called him a puppet (No, you’re the puppet!) or the issue of fake news (FAKE NEWS! SAD!)

So he must’ve been in the Oval Office early that morning when some classified information came across his desk and he felt it was just and necessary to inform the public immediately by way of twitter, right?


He was at Mar-a-Lago for the fourth weekend of his presidency. And most likely he was reading an article from Breitbart that was published on Friday about this exact subject. Breitbart used a segment from a conservative talk radio host, Mark Levin, and reporting from the prestigious Heat Street (I’ve honestly never heard of this website but it seems to be cut from the Breitbart cloth) to weave together this story.

An Obama spokesman was quick to deny any such action directed by the former president. Which is not to say that Trump wasn’t being surveilled. To be honest, he probably was because, uh duh, there had been an ongoing investigation about connections between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials. I don’t think Trump really thought about the ramifications of the things he was saying on the campaign trail.

Let’s live in a world where what Trump is saying is 100% fact. This world is tremendous. Big white columns with gold leaf everywhere.

If all of his tweets are true, then that means he had JUST FOUND OUT about all of this. What kind of operation are they running at the White House? Don’t you think he would’ve been clued into something going on by someone with a clearance badge and not a fringe website? Also if Obama had used the national security intelligence operation as a personal vendetta machine, don’t you think he would have also had to the power to….I don’t know maybe stop the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails? I mean, if he can do one he could probably do the other right?

Trump was so distraught and furious over the news that he also decided to take a swipe at Arnold Schwarzenegger and Celebrity Apprentice’s TV ratings. I’m glad the time for trivial fights is behind us.

At any rate, this is a big deal because the White House officials are going to have to make one of two choices in the coming days:

  1. Figure out how to have Trump recant his accusations (good luck)
  2. Turn what he said into something that they can vaguely defend

My guess is they’re going to do the latter because the first requires a backbone and we have yet to see any opposition from the people he’s surrounded himself with the other outrageous things Trump has said. Like when he said 3-5 millions of illegal immigrants all voted against him in California. I wonder how that independent investigation that Trump promised is going….

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